Allegheny Highlands
Parents as Teachers

About Us

The Allegheny Highlands PAT program partners with your family and offers support. We serve Tucker, Randolph, and Barbour counties. We are excited about this opportunity to bring such a positive program to our area! We are NOT about"what is wrong", but focus on"what is right"! In other words we do not care whether your house is clean, but whether you have a fun, meaningful relationship with your child. We have many of ideas about spending fun, quality time with your children and we would LOVE to share them.

  1. Personal visits - either at home or at a central location. Certified parent educators use research-based curriculum and provide timely, useful information and activities each month. For example, wondering when Junior will start crawling? We will provide that information as well as provide play activities that will promote developmental landmarks.
  2. Group connections - are planned monthly in each county. These events are a time for families to come together for fun and friendship! Call our office to find out what events are coming up!
  3. Screenings - Screenings for developmental delays provide reassurance to parents when development is on target as well as catch development delays early in order to intervene as soon as possible. We screen for physical development, eyesight, and hearing.
  4. Resource Network - Any time your family needs additional resources we will help you find the local resources available. Our program partners with the Family Resource Networks in all three counties that we serve.
  5. Support - Ever wish infants came with an instruction manual? We have the manual and we will support you every step of the way. We love your child and we hope to be a strong support and encouragement to you, the parent! Though our parent educators are professionals, she will seem like she is just a good friends, who cares about you and your family (because she really does care!)